COVID-19 Update

Notice to all Customers

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our team members, our customers and the communities we serve during this period. We will continue to consider the health and safety of our staff and customers as a priority. 

For this reason, we shall transact our business observing the COVID-19 Restrictions and shall continue to observe all necessary protocols to mitigate the risk of infection and transmission.  Our employees do wash their hands regularly and take all reasonable precautions in their work.

We have also taken extra precaution and care to clean as many surfaces as possible in our store with sanitizer, including but not limited to store glass, door handles, catalogues, electronic payment equipment, computers, etc., and other surfaces that our employees and customers may come into contact with in the store.

If you are feeling unwell, please call so we can addressyour enquiry and satisfy your request. Feeling unwell includes, but is not limited to, respiratory issues (cough, running nose, fever, shortness of breath).

If you have recently travelled outside Canada. You will need to postpone your visit until after 14 days from travel to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

If you do enter our office, please follow these hygiene protocols for your safety and ours:

  • Wear a facial mask or covering and any additional protection like gloves etc.
  • Use a sanitizer before and after entering.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the customer desk
  • If you cough or sneeze, use a tissue or cough/sneeze into your bended elbow and wash or sanitize your hands immediately afterwards.

Thank you for helping to keep us all healthy and safe.

For questions or update regarding our situation and measures, you can reach us at or call us at 416 483 4865

Thank you for your understanding,