About Us

Welcome to Castle Makers

We are an affordable home furnishing business. We help you furnish your home into your exquisite ‘castle’ that you have always wanted by using our colourful variety of furniture and accessories. We offer a creative mix of furniture and decor, original art and affordable design solutions.

We are a business that seeks to bring affordable prices to our customers! Our goal is to provide high quality home furnishings  and unique furniture that will transform your space requirements into the desired ambience that you want.   

At CastleMakers, we are passionate about our customers needs. As a result, our customers benefit from our expertise in sourcing the right products at reasonably prices that fit our customer’s budget.

Visit us today and let us know how we can help you spice up your dream home with our furnishing products. We are located at Mount Pleasant in downtown Toronto, the main central business district of Toronto.

Treat yourself and spice your house to your desired environment.